My name is Claudie and I am a freelance web designer located in Ottawa.

I have been in charge of Business Events Ottawa since January 2016 and I’m loving it! A lot of entrepreneurs hate networking but that is not my case at all. In fact, I would be happy to go to networking events all day long (but I guess work needs to be done every now and then!)

I am hoping that this list of entrepreneur-related events in Ottawa will become a very useful resource for you. I don’t always take as good care of this list as I would really want to but I am hoping to make this a comprehensive list of what is going on in the city.

If you are aware of an entrepreneur-related event that did not make the list, please consider submitting it to the website.

About me

Well thanks for asking! I was born in the city of Jonquière, Québec (I always refer to my hometown as being the centre of the universe but I guess that’s wishful thinking…) I spent the first 22 years of my life in Jonquière, got a bachelor degree in Computer Science and then moved to Ottawa after university.

I started working for the government in 2008. I am still working for the government as we speak but in 2014, I started my very own web design business on the side and that surprisingly brought a whole new meaning to my life. It makes me feel really proud to have my own business that I’ve created all by myself 🙂 Freelance work does not offer me the great benefits that the government does such as a pension and dental coverage, so I am keeping both right now. But let’s see where this freelancing adventure leads me 😉

I love languages, I can speak serbian/croatian/bosnian relatively well, and I can say thank you in about 17 languages. It’s a great tool for someone like me who loves to show off haha, people are always happy when I say thank you in their languages.


I live with my partner in the East of Ottawa, she is honestly the best thing that’s happened to me so far. I am forever grateful to her for always being so supportive of all my crazy projects!

badmintonI play softball weekly during the summer and badminton the rest of the year. I’ve broken my pinky finger twice in the last year and in French we say “never two without three” so I’m being extra careful not to break it again. It’s not that easy being a web designer with a cast on your left hand! (but thanfully I’m right-handed).

Thanks for reading this About page until the end, I hope to meet some of you at a networking event in the city!